Our children today are facing challenges that are unique to their generation. A multitude of food allergies and sensitivities, challenges with focus and attention, sensory processing challenges, autism, autoimmune disease, PANDAS/PANS, mental health challenges... and the list could continue. What is causing this epidemic in childhood and more importantly, what can we do to support our children on their journey to becoming healthy adults?

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner can help support healing and wellness in our children who are struggling by working to discover each individual child's nutritional deficiencies and his/her unique needs. While there are often many commonalities regarding appropriate nutritional support that can be helpful, every child is unique and will respond differently to the various therapeutic diets. 

These challenges often require additional support beyond nutrition. As a parent of two children with PANS, and an Epidemic Answers Health Coach with an extensive background in Early Childhood Education, I am here to listen and support you and your children in whatever way I am able. I have a variety of resources available and would love to walk this journey with you. If your child has had a sudden change in behaviors or personality, is struggling to focus on activities or interact with peers, seems to be reacting to everything in the environment, please know you are not alone. 

Contact me for a free consult to discover how Nutritional Therapy and/or Health Coaching can support your child on his/her journey to wellness.