Nutritional Evaluation

We utilize nutritional assessment questionnaires, food journals, discussion, functional evaluation, and lingual-neuro testing to discover imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that can be restored and supported through nutrition.


Nutritional Counseling

Once we have discovered imbalances, we discuss ways nutrition can offer support and help to restore balance and wellness. Nutritional supplements may be suggested and used when appropriate.



RESTART is a powerful five week class that is a combination of nutrition education, sugar detoxification, and ongoing support. Together we take part in a three week sugar detox that also allows us to discover possible hidden food sensitivities.



Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback used to support optimal brain and body function and performance. By calming the central nervous system and brain, we can enter a parasympathetic state where we can experience better focus, concentration, energy, and digestion and absorption of nutrients.



Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes stress reduction and deep relaxation. Reiki energy flows from the Higher Power. Rei = Higher Power, God, Universal Life. Ki = life force energy.




I have been a nurse for 34 years. I did not know what to expect from this class, but really didn't expect much of a change. I must say I am very pleasantly surprised by the benefits. I realize I have just scratched the surface and I want to continue. Benefits I experienced include some weight loss, decreased edema, decreased joint pain, and better sleep.

Diana, RN

I have tried many detox programs. This was a great way to detox because of the support and all the information you receive. I feel great! I've learned a lot that I can carry on all the things I have learned for a lifetime.

RESTART participant 2016


BEMER is an FDA registered device that supports functional circulation to ensure proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, as well as proper waste removal within the body. BEMER enhances circulation, nutrient and oxygen supply, detoxification, cardiac function, physical fitness, energy, concentration, stress reduction, relaxation, and sleep management.